1. ORGANIC PRODUCTS FROM NATURE, with no leather: Hemp, jute, palm, palm-tree, seeds, organic cotton, natural latex, fiber of coconut, rind of rice, cork, wood, sap of tree, pure 100 % un-bleached and un-dyed natural wool.

2. VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER: organically tanned leather with vegetable extracts from the bark of Mimosa and Quebracho trees, oak, blockhead, tare, valonea, no chemists or metals, no chrome, unleaded.

3. RE-USED RECYCLINGS: Tires, sheets of bottles …

4. SUITABLE FOR ALLERGIC: Ideal for allergic to the chrome, lead, glues, potassium dicromat , tiuram … for more information about allergies consult the web www.alergianet.com

Completely freshness, the perspiration is reduced. Insoles of cork, latex. Soles of rubber or leather.

The ecological materials used by ECOZAP come from two ways:

LOCAL: Spain and Portugal
FAIR TRADE: Out of the Iberian Peninsula or the Spanish islands.