At the beginning of 2007, Ecozap journey starts with the mail-order shopping.

The web page was launched on the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (8th MARCH, 2007) with promotional free sendings inside Spain.

Due to great demand, the shop opened at 9, Barbieri street, on the GAY PRIDE DAY (28th JUNE, 2007).

Following the opening of the pedestrian street Fuencarral to the public, the shop moved to a nearby location, Santa Barbara street, on ST VALENTINE’S DAY (14th FEBRUARY , 2009).

As a result of SANNA’S advice, the web has been improved by the on-line shopping in order to extend the offer of Ecozap products to new market sectors; the rising of purchases in november 2011, because of the on-line shop, takes place alongside the birth of a new corporative image.

Focus on line sales and other countries opening the shop at the street till 20 th of February of 2013.