Ecological Values

The materials of all the models in Ecozap are ecological: they come from noble materials, without toxic products both in his extraction of the Nature and in his processing, avoiding the pollution both to the Environment and to the human beings.

Some models come from the recycling to give to not biodegradable materials easily a second life.

Why choosing an ecological shoe, an eco shoe? Because it does not contaminate neither in its production nor in its degradation, because the organic materials will be in touch with the skin providing with an agreeable sensation of smoothness and COMFORT, freshness and flexibility. But especially, the ecological shoes are more LASTING. Ecological it is the opposite of the culture of "using and throwing”. It is a matter of both decreasing the obtaining of natural resources and the wastes of the products of consumption.

All the models are made in Spain or Portugal to reduce the emissions caused by the transport.

If they come from abroad, they are made by Fair Trade.

The shop’s materials are also ecological, the electrical consumption has been reduced.

In the web the CO2 emissions are compensated.

Transportation through the company Greenexpress which uses not pollutants means of transport as bicycle in order to compensate the CO2 emissions.

ECOZAP offers its products worldwide. Nevertheless, we recommend that every client should choose those models produced as near as possible to his/her place of residence in order to reduce the CO2 emissions.